Accomplished Projects

Accomplished Projects

With your help, these projects have been completed. Thank you on behalf of everyone at Familia Feliz for your love and support!

Ovens for Each house- $1,000 funded

Baking our fresh delicious bread is one of the things the kids here look forward to most during the week! Currently, only one of the five houses at Familia Feliz has a reliable and adequately-sized oven and this can make the dinnertime rush a lot more complicated. Familia Feliz needs four ovens ($250 USD each) putting this project at $1,000. Your donation would help keep fresh bread all the houses at Familia Feliz, thank you for your support!

Washing Machines- $4,000 Funded

At Familia Feliz all of the clothing, towels, and sheets of all 80-plus kids are washed by hand in the river or in the few laundry sinks on campus . Much of the day is devoted to laundry. Because of our generous donors, we now will be able to spend less time on laundry and more time with our precious kids! Thank you for your donations. 

Refrigerators and Freezers for each house- $5,000 Funded

With weekly shopping trips to town for fresh produce for so many mouths to feed here at Familia Feliz, a fridge and freezer system is a necessary addition to each house. In order to provide for this orphanage of over 60 kids and volunteers, it is important to keep enough fresh healthy food on hand. Because of your generous donations, we are now able to keep our healthy food fresher for longer! With your help, were were able to buy enough refrigerators for every house and a chest freezer for extra vegetables. Thank you for making this possible!

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Printer- $300 Funded

During school we need to print worksheet packets, tests, and reading materials for each of our 60 plus students. Previously teachers had to hand copy worksheets for each student. Thanks to your donations we now have 3 new printers which makes our teachers’ jobs much easier!

Computer Lab- $4,000 funded

We need a computer lab for our school to aid our students in research projects and to give access to online learning opportunities. Because of our amazing donors, we are now able to provide a better academic experience for our students. Thank you!

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