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Ovens for Each House
Thank you for providing our kids with fresh baked goods, simplified mealtimes, and a chance to be involved in cooking with their house parents!
Washing Machines
Because of your generous donations, we can now spend less time washing clothes by hand and more time with our precious kids. Thank you!

Refrigerators for Each House
With your help, were were able to buy enough refrigerators for every house to keep our healthy ingredients fresh longer. Thank you for making this possible!
School Printer
During school we need worksheets, tests, and reading materials for each of our students. Previously teachers had to hand copy worksheets for each student. Thanks to your donations we now have 3 new printers which makes our teachers' jobs much easier!
Computer Lab
Because of our amazing donors, we are now able to provide a better access to research and online learning for our students. Thank you!
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