Be A Volunteer

Be A Volunteer

Quotes from our former staff

Laura Gibbs
"I have been with my girls for a long time and I can see on their faces the longing they have to be able to count on someone"
"As I spent time with my kids, I noticed that that they were stronger than they thought, they needed to know how important and special they are. Lending a listening ear, giving advice or just being with them in the happy moments are small things that make a big difference"
"Every one of these kids is a warrior of life, I thought that I would teach them something, but they were the ones that taught me."

Make A Difference

There are 60+ kids on this campus that are in need of attention, care, and love. By becoming a volunteer you can help fulfill these needs, making a lasting impact on their lives. 


Most frequent questions and answers

We are always needing willing people to become house parents, house assistants, Teachers, Maintenance, Secretaries, and agriculture director!

A potential volunteer should enjoy working with kids, be self motivated, flexible, have initiative, and have a heart for serving others!

Being bilingual or speaking spanish is also appreciated 

During the school year each house wakes up around 6:30 to do worship and gets ready for school which runs from 8-12. After school there is work, chores and free time until dinner time. After dinner there is worship and bedtime is usually around 9:30. 

This is an overall schedule but it each house has their own specific schedules

Check your country’s embassy to know visa and vaccination requirements. 

Bolivia currently requires a negative PCR test no longer than 48 hours before arrival. They may also require a hotel reservation, and a yellow fever vaccination, although they rarely ask for those 2. You will need a yellow fever vaccination if you plan to apply for a temporary work visa, however, it is not required for the temporary residency visa.

If you are flying into La Paz you will need to buy a flight to Rurrenabaque

Once you reach Rurrenabaque a staff member will go pick you up

Details will be figured out with director once plans are set

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