New School

Quality, Christian education is central to our mission here at Familia Feliz. Yet currently, our bright young students are attempting to learn in cramped and inadequately constructed spaces.

Our goal is to build a new school containing all grades. The new classrooms will surround a central, covered courtyard providing a much-needed space for recreation and assembly. Our kids hold unlimited potential, and we thank you for your partnership in cultivating it.

Updated Electrical System

Life is a constant bustle of activity here at Familia Feliz. One of the assets that allows us to live those busy days with running water, lights, and working appliances is electricity. The electrical system has not been updated since its original basic setup and thus fails several times a week. It also needs to meet more strict safety requirements. We would greatly appreciate your help in funding this important project!

Fence Security Improvements

Most of our children come from dangerous situations. When we bring them home, their protection from their past lives is our priority. However, our property borders a highly-frequented highway, making entrance by passersby a daily risk. We would like to upgrade the security from our current barbed-wire fence and wooden gate to a brick walls with metal gates. Thank you for considering joining us in improving the safety of our campus!

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