We are always trying to improve Familia Feliz and provide for the needs of our kids. We have many projects and would love your help!

Renovation & Reconstruction of Houses

Goal: $100,000

With sixty kids and counting and fifteen staff, considering housing is a huge priority.  We currently have 5 houses, three of which desperately need renovations and two of which need to be reconstructed to house our growing numbers. We estimate the construction each new house will cost $25,000 and estimate that including construction and renovation $100,000 will be needed to complete this project. With your help we can provide housing that will improve the lives of our kids here at Familia Feliz, thank you so much for your interest and support!

Home Construction funds
Funds raised 0%

Construction of School and Addition of Assembly Area

The existing school buildings at Familia Feliz which do not house nearly enough students nor provide adequate bathroom facilities nor supervise-able recreation areas. Our goal is to build a brand new school building that contains all grades and surrounds a central covered courtyard that will function as a recreation and assembly area. The cost estimate for this project is $25,000. We value the education of our kids and we thank you so much for your support!

School Construction Fund
Funds raised 0%

Goal: $30,000

fund our pathfinder and adventurer clubs!

We have started a new Pathfinder and Adventurer club and we are so excited! Our kids are enjoying every club meeting and they are enjoying being apart of a world wide organization. We need your help so that we can buy uniforms for each kid. We also need your help to buy tents and camping supplies so we can go on camporees and allow our kids to experience the full joys of Pathfinders and Adventurer's!

Pathfinder and Adventurer Club Fund
Funds Raised 20%
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